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❌how to reboot your immune system❌


👉🏻Go on a ELIMINATION DIET AND GUT REPAIR: follow a 30 to 90 days AIP diet or PALEO type. Follow a grain free, bean, sugar, gluten and dairy free diet to allow your immune system to resta and repair. Then add each food that was eliminated every three days to see how your body reacts.


👉🏻MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS: mushrooms are one of the most powerful immune-enhancing foods there are. Incorporate them into your diet daily. Just as you rotate probiotics, it’s a good idea to rotate these variety of mushrooms. Turkey Tail, Maitake, Shiitake, Reishi, Lion’s Maine


👉🏻Forest Bathing and hydrotherapy: this may seem so simple it’s hard to believe -

Walks in nature barefoot have been found to enhance immune function.

3 minutes hot and cold showers also have been found to be helpful, repeated several times.

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