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About Me


Looking good and feeling good are not the same thing. We often pursue one when we need both. This what I learned on my journey from overweight yo-yo dieter to bikini competition champion to Primal Health Coach.  The truth is, that when I looked my best I often felt my worst.  Whether it was a lack of energy, gas & bloating, reflux or just bad skin quality, it became clear to me that while I had achieved my goal of looking good in a bikini I didn’t feel the way I wanted to.  My personal training clients looked good too, but they also didn’t feel like they were “healthy”.  This quest for health and beauty led me down a different path – a path to primal health coaching.

Hi, I’m Renata, a mother of 3 and wife! When I stood on the stage 13 years ago I was a long way from “Primal health”. I looked better in a bikini than I ever thought I could, with a six pack abs and a tight tush, but, under the stage lights I never felt worse. I had done everything I learned and everything I needed to do to get into shape, but it was clear that those conventional approaches only yielded superficial results.  After winning the show, I could not maintain my shape, and like many of you, I began to ride the rollercoaster of fitness success and failure.  There had to be a better way.  I devoted myself to learning how to find a path to inner health and fitness that mirrored the look on the outside. 


After years of study and certification I found my way to primal health.  I overcame the confusion and conflicting information that had guided me in the past.  I no longer embraced fad diets and workout programs that left me with out of control hunger.  Still, I had to heal.  In fact, after gaining a whopping 60lbs with my second pregnancy my body would not respond to the old diet tricks.  Eventually I got back in shape but it was harder than ever before.  

Once I was back in shape, I got my personal training certification and landed a job at a major sports and fitness facility as a trainer. I loved training people and totally identified with my clients’ struggles to lose weight and get motivated into fitness shape. As a trainer and trainee, I learned first hand about all the benefits that exercise can bring including mood regulation, a positive outlook and better self-esteem.

One thing was obvious though – personal training was simply not enough.   Sure we achieved great results, but only for a short time.  Training never seemed to create a true health transformation.  Eventually everyone seemed to regress or tap out.  I didn’t understand why that was happening and how I could fix it. But I was determined to look for answers.

It was when my own health took a turn for the worse that it became so clear that everything I had learned was wrong. Tracking calories isn’t all it takes to achieve a good body composition - neither is spending all your free time exercising. Unfortunately for me, all the years of dieting and too much exercise had taken a toll on my health in a variety of physical issues. While I looked like the “picture of health”, daily I was struggling with abdominal pain, chronic fatigue, indigestion, all while eating the “right foods”…..or so I thought.  Eating “healthy” all the time also made me feel like an outcast - it impacted my marriage and my social life. I was in a vicious cycle of drinking coffee and energy drinks to help me get through the day. I could feel I was full of inflammation. 

I became determined to find my healthiest self. I read books on gut microbiome, hormone health, thyroid health, probiotics, natural foods, biohacking, just to name a few. I was fascinated with everything I was learning and I knew I needed to share. This path led me to enrolling in the Primal Health Institute and becoming a Primal Health coach.   

The holistic healing approach I follow with personalized nutrition, supplements and wellness for my clients is the same approach I took in improving my own health. Today I’m happy to report that I still look good in a bikini, but I feel healthier than I have ever felt in my entire life. It is my mission to help women that are stressed, fatigued and overweight to conquer these issues so they can look AND FEEL wonderful.  I am here for you every step of the way!

Sending you much health and happiness.
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