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"I started my journey with Renata as a health coach, because I am diabetic and my sugar levels were out of control. I also have a fatty liver and if you know anything about this disease, it accompanies with trouble digesting food and enlarged abdominal bloat. I signed up for the 12 weeks Transformational Wellness program and I ended up loving it so much that I extended to a month-to-month basis coaching because I missed the accountability and structure that being part of a program with a coach had to offer. I learned about food intake, portions control, what to avoid and what to add in my diet, for instance, I had been under feeding my body from the inside out for so long and adding more protein to my diet has helped me keep full longer with lots of energy. Being a diabetic I always relied on a carb snack to keep me from crashing then I learned how wrong that was. We experimented with low carb and decided that the best diet approach for me to keep my sugar levels controlled, was a ketogenic diet. I’m so glad I made the change because im reaping the benefits with more energy, weight loss and inches, and couldn’t be happier with how I feel and look now. If you’re looking for a coach to help you treat the root cause of your issues and make long lasting changes then look no further! Renata is very patient, knowledgeable and is always there helping me to achieve my goals . I am so thankful to Renata and all her hard work."

Eliana Santos

"Renata is the best personal trainer you can have!! Very knowledgeable, very caring and can be really tough too!! Been training w her for more than a year now and can tell you she helped me change my body, my level of confidence, my knowledge on dieting and exercising combined! She always has a word of encouragement and hope! I can’t see myself w/o training with her!"


Ana Campbell

"Renata is a fitness professional who helped me to get motivated to make exercise as part of my routine. With her exercise plan, I was able to improve my overall health, get out of bed without a horrible back pain, and learn about weight management. She is great!"


Flavia Nery

"I started working out with Renata about 4 years ago. She comes to my home about 3 times a week. The workouts are challenging and interesting. I have lost 20 lbs with her weight loss training program. My body has totally been transformed and my confidence is at all times high.. Now I’m stronger than I’ve ever been in my life, and I can do 20 push-ups “guy-style!” There’s no substitute for a personal trainer—I would never push myself this hard on my own, and she keeps me safe by monitoring my form. Renata really knows the female bodies and will train your “stubborn areas”. Thank you, Renata, for improving the quality of my life!"


Elis Jaward

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